The Next Phase of Huddle01: Roadmap to People-powered Communication

The Next Phase of Huddle01: Roadmap to People-powered Communication

The Next Phase of Huddle01: Roadmap to People-powered Communication

Jan 18, 2024

Jan 18, 2024

Ayush Ranjan & Susmit Lavania

Ayush Ranjan & Susmit Lavania

In 2020, Huddle01 set on a journey to democratize WebRTC that would enable more open, censorship-resistant, private, and secure communication across borders, devices, identities, and users.

In the last 3 years, we have come a long way. We started with the demand-first approach, served 2M+ audio/video minutes to over 30K users [just in 2023] across multiple apps, platforms and networks leveraging our infrastructure.

In 2023, we launched our Infrastructure - “SDKs & APIs” which can enable audio/video capabilities for any application [from socials to gaming to live video commerce] and users. This marked the completion of our Phase 2 where we transitioned from Platform → Infrastructure layer. We took demand-first approach and have been able to establish a recurring demand of minutes on our Network across different domains like ed-tech, socials, productivity & collaborative toolings, and others.

Now is the time to switch the gears, and get focused on how we launch our DePIN for RTC [dRTC network] and hand over the power of supplying RTC minutes to the Node operators, and get closer to our mission of creating a “People-powered Communication Network”.

Roadmap Image

Moving forward

For 2024, We have one clear mission: Launching HUDDLE01 DePIN for RTC [dRTC Network] & Protocol which will enable open, secure, private, and immersive communication for everyone.

Our mission is an ambitious one, and it isn’t the kind which can be achieved in one go. It will be a journey of progressive decentralization, with a phase-wise unveiling of our Network & Protocol as we have outlined below:

[Q1 2024]

The team has already laid down some foundation for the Protocol in 2023, and will be working next few months on ironing out the specifications, running simulations and benchmarking tests for nodes & physical devices, prepping up the Whitepaper and other write-ups which will enable Node operators to easily onboard and run Huddle01 Nodes. We will also be parallelly working on growing our existing community across socials and lay down the foundation for early Network participants.

[Q2 2024]

Q2 2024 will mark the unveiling of our Whitepaper along with details of our Incentivized Testnet and early Node Access Programs for early validators and other network participants.

We also plan to run and test the Network in closed and controlled environment through multiple Tesnet Programs before making it accessible for everyone. This will reshape the Network into a true decentralized framework, allowing us to maintain quality & latency while slowly opening the Network for shared ownership.

[Q3 2024]

In this phase, we aim to be ready for Mainnet. Starting this point, the federation will start moving into a fully permissionless Network operated by a community of Huddle01 Node Operators. Meaning? The Huddle01 Network will operate independently from any single ownership - including ourselves.

This will mark the kick start of truly decentralized & People-powered Communication Network. It will allow anyone & everyone with relevant capabilities to run and operate Huddle01 Node and be the provider of minutes in our Network and get incentivized for the same. While applications, leveraging or built on top of our infrastructure, will continue to consume the minutes provided by these Node operator. It will take the imminent shape of double-sided marketplace.

[Q4 2024]

As we are building the Infrastructure and Protocol layer at Huddle01, we, as a team, thought and realised that Huddle01 Protocol can go beyond communications over time. Once we have the stable dRTC network running using our Protocol, we plan to experiment & onboard other Networks like DeFi to leverage our underlying Protocol. This would unveil Layer01 - which is the next project the Huddle01 team might move towards.

This is how we imagine Huddle01 shaping up over the upcoming years:

To be the early member or part of the network and get access to being the Node operator, register yourself HERE.

The journey to “People-powered Communication Network” won’t be an easy one, but will definitely be full of excitement, innovation, and test of perseverance. But we as a team, are excited to build a better and open future for everyone.

Thank you 🙌

We're also hosting an open AMA next week with our Founders - Ayush Ranjan and Susmit Lavania, and Protocol Engineer, Vaibhav Muchandi. Feel free to hop on and ask all your questions regarding our roadmap or the dRTC Network.

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