Introducing the all new Huddle01 Meet: Your Ultimate Communication Hub

Introducing the all new Huddle01 Meet: Your Ultimate Communication Hub

Introducing the all new Huddle01 Meet: Your Ultimate Communication Hub

Jul 3, 2024

Jul 3, 2024

Daria Saji

Daria Saji

Today, we are excited to finally unveil Huddle01 Meet (huddle01.app), an all-in-one solution designed to transform how you connect, collaborate and distribute your content. Keeping in mind our community’s feedback we’ve made some fantastic upgrades that are going to make hosting and joining AMAs, Workshops, Panels, Community Calls, Team Meetings, or any other virtual event smoother and more fun than ever before.

The Evolution of Huddle01 App

Previously, users enjoyed the power of video meetings and audio spaces on app.huddle01.com, while dashboard.huddle01.com provided a separate space for scheduling meetings and accessing recordings. While these 2 platforms were effective, we saw an opportunity to streamline and enhance the user experience. We envisioned a unified, all-in-one solution where users could start meetings, schedule events, and access a wealth of features like analytics and recordings seamlessly. This vision led to the creation of Huddle01 Meet, designed to bring everything together in one powerful, easy-to-use interface.

Huddle01 Meet: The All-in-one Communication Hub

The new and revamped Huddle01 Meet is your go-to hub for everything video conferencing, audio spaces or live streaming. Whether you're a professional looking for a personal meeting hub, community looking to host their weekly AMAs or VTuber looking for a compact tooling to host your streams - Huddle01 Meet let’s you do it all without juggling countless apps.

Login with email or web3 wallets

We have expanded our login options to include email to ensure that more users can easily access the platform. Whether you prefer using your web3 wallet or your email, logging in is quick and straightforward.

In addition to login with email, users can also connect multiple wallets (EVM, Solana, Tezos) to a single account. This allows users to switch between accounts effortlessly, facilitating token-gated calls without the hassle of changing wallets each time. Managing multiple identities has never been easier. Additionally, you can also choose to use your NFTs and DIDs as display photo and name to maintain pseudo-anonymity.

Start Instant Meetings or Spaces

Gone are the days of navigating multiple steps to start a meeting. With Huddle01 Meet, you can initiate video or audio meetings instantly with a single click. This feature is designed to save you time and effort, ensuring you can connect with your team or clients without any hassle. Simply click on the "Start Video Meeting" or “Start Audio Spaces” button, and you’re ready to go!

Event Scheduling

Our in-app intuitive scheduler allows you to plan and manage your events seamlessly. Whether it's an audio space, a video meeting, or a token-gated call, scheduling is now a breeze. You can view all your upcoming events in one place, ensuring you never miss a meeting. The calendar integration keeps you organized and informed, streamlining your workflow.

Comprehensive Meeting Analytics

Understanding your meeting dynamics is crucial for improving collaboration. Huddle01 Meet provides detailed analytics for every meeting, including peak participants, total meeting minutes, and participant lists. These insights help you gauge engagement and make data-driven decisions to enhance your meetings, and plan the fun stuff like giveaways, raffles, airdrops and more for your active attendees.

Recording Access and Sharing

Accessing and sharing meeting recordings has never been easier. With Huddle01 Meet, all your recordings are available directly from the dashboard. You can download them for offline access or share them with your team or clients with just a few clicks.

Custom Storage Options for Your Recordings

We're excited to introduce a new feature on the dashboard: the option to store your recordings in your custom storage service! Alongside the existing options of huddle01's S3 bucket and IPFS, you can now set up and save all your recordings directly to your preferred storage service. Simply configure it from the dashboard, and enjoy seamless, automatic storage tailored to your needs!

Subscription Tiers: Tailored for Your Needs

We understand that different users have different needs. That’s why we’ve introduced new subscription tiers to offer enhanced capabilities and flexibility.

PRO Users:

The PRO Plan is perfect for individual users looking to maximize their benefits on the Huddle01 platform. It offers increased participant limits, priority customer support, and unlimited recording storage, ensuring you get the most out of your experience.

Business Users:

The Business plan is tailored for communities and teams seeking to purchase a personalized Huddle01 subdomain to host their calls and community events. Business users will gain access to an exclusive dashboard, equipped with additional features and capabilities designed to meet their specific needs. Here are a few additional features in the Platform dashboard:

Customizable Subdomains: Customize your subdomain's theme and features with a simple click-and-save interface. This allows you to maintain brand consistency and make your subdomain unique.

Advanced Analytics: Access detailed analytics with graphs and specific data on monthly active users (MAU), participant minutes over time, total minutes over time, and more. These insights help you understand engagement and optimize your platform usage.

Team Access: Add team members to the hub, giving them access to all features and ensuring smooth collaboration.

Multi-streaming functionality: Business users will also gain access to exclusive features such as multi-streaming. This allows business users to simultaneously stream their meetings to multiple platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and LinkedIn, ensuring broader reach and engagement with their audience across different channels.

The Huddle01 Meet Experience

Our goal with Huddle01 Meet is to simplify your workflow and treat every user as a valued client by offering the best services in the simplest form. Whether you’re an individual user or part of a larger team, our unified dashboard ensures that you have all the tools you need to collaborate effectively.

Discover the future of meetings with Huddle01 Meet. Visit huddle01.app today and elevate your collaboration experience!

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