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Huddle01 Video Meet: The Need for Privacy-Focused Solutions

Huddle01 Video Meet: The Need for Privacy-Focused Solutions

Huddle01 Video Meet: The Need for Privacy-Focused Solutions

Oct 4, 2023

Oct 4, 2023



Schedulers—aren't they the most convenient organizing tools, helping us juggle our daily tasks and commitments with ease? But you know what the most annoying thing with these schedulers is? All the meetings scheduled via them are powered by centralized giants like Google Meet and Zoom.

While they are two of the most popular video conferencing platforms, they have been criticized for their privacy practices.

Problem with GMeet and Zoom

  1. Data collection: Both Google Meet and Zoom collect a wide range of data about their users, including their IP addresses, device information, and meeting metadata. This data can be used to track users' movements and online activity.

  2. Data sharing: They have also been criticized for sharing data with third parties, including advertisers and other companies without users' consent. For example, in 2020, it was discovered that Zoom was sharing users' data with Facebook.

  3. Security vulnerabilities: They have even faced security vulnerabilities in the past that could have allowed attackers to access users' meetings and devices. For example, Google Meet was vulnerable to a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack. This vulnerability allowed attackers to inject malicious code into Google Meet meetings which can be used to steal users' cookies, passwords, and other sensitive information.

The Need for a Privacy-Focused Video Meeting Solution

Basically, there is an alarming need for schedulers compatible with a more privacy-focused video meeting solution that ensures:

  1. Zero Data Collection: You should have the ability to host meetings without compromising any of your personal information like email, phone number, etc.

  2. Encrypted Meetings: We believe it’s the basic right of every human to speak their mind without having to worry about eavesdroppers.

  3. Data Ownership: All meeting data should only and only belong to the meeting participants. It should be securely stored without allowing third parties access to them.

  4. Token gating: There is an increasing number of reported instances where meetings have been intruded by unwanted participants. Measures should be taken to prevent this. For example, meetings can be gated for people with access to specific tokens/POAPs, etc.

All of this should be ensured on top of the traditional features of video conferencing apps like host controls, group chat, multi-streaming, etc.

Seamless Scheduling with Huddle01 Video Meet: Protecting Your Time and Privacy

Keeping everything we discussed above at the centre, Huddle01 came into being. It is one of the most secure and private video conferencing solutions. The idea is to make video meetings safer than ever before and make them accessible for everyone. That's why we have integrated with three of the most widely used schedulers. This makes setting up Huddle01 Video Meets so easy that once you start using us, there is no going back.

1. Huddle01 Google Workspace Add-On: Where Convenience Meets Security

Google Calendar is arguably the most widely used scheduler globally, and it's now reinforced with the unparalleled security of Huddle01 Video Meet with the Huddle01 for Google Workspace add-on.

Here's why you should consider this add-on:

  • Security Meets Convenience: With Huddle01 integrated into Google Calendar, you get the best of both worlds. Seamlessly schedule meetings from your GCal while ensuring they remain secure and private.

  • Effortless Setup: Download the add-on from the Google Marketplace, and you're ready to start huddling. There's no need for extensive configurations or learning curves.

  • Peace of Mind: Huddle01's robust security features protect your meetings from unwanted intrusions.

2., Inc.: Open Source Scheduling Meets Secure Video Meetings, Inc. is an open-source scheduler designed to streamline your scheduling needs. To make your scheduling experience even more comprehensive, it now offers the Huddle01 Video add-on:

  • All-in-One Scheduling:, Inc. brings all your meetings, interviews, and calls together in one place, simplifying your scheduling process. Now, with the Huddle01 Video add-on, you can seamlessly transform your scheduled meetings into secure video conferences.

  • Privacy-Focused: Huddle01 Video Meet ensures that your meetings remain private and secure, enhancing the trust and confidence in your scheduling tool.

3. meetwithwallet: A Web3-Native Scheduling Experience with Enhanced Privacy

In the ever-evolving world of Web3, meetwithwallet is your go-to scheduler, designed to allow wallet-to-wallet meetings. Now, it's supercharged with Huddle01 Video Meets for an unbeatable web3 experience:

  • Web3 Integration: meetwithwallet is a wallet-to-wallet meeting scheduler, catering to the web3-native community. With Huddle01 Video Meets, it brings a new level of security to web3 interactions.

  • Seamless Integration: Your web3 meetings are now protected by Huddle01's robust encryption.

In conclusion, schedulers are vital tools for managing our hectic lives, but the privacy risks associated with traditional schedulers are too significant to overlook. With Huddle01 Video Meet seamlessly integrated into widely used schedulers like Google Calendar,, Inc., and meetwithwallet, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: efficient scheduling and secure video meetings. These integrations elevate your productivity while safeguarding your sensitive discussions. Embrace this innovative solution to experience a new level of confidence and peace of mind in your professional interactions.