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Case Study

Case Study

Huddle01 For Social: Powering Buttrfly Spaces 🦋 🎙

Huddle01 For Social: Powering Buttrfly Spaces 🦋 🎙

Huddle01 For Social: Powering Buttrfly Spaces 🦋 🎙

Sep 18, 2023

Sep 18, 2023



web3 social apps have emerged as a transformative force, reshaping the way we interact, share information, and build communities online. These decentralized platforms are disrupting the status quo of traditional social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, offering users more control, transparency, and ownership of their digital presence.

As a result, the market for web3 social apps is experiencing exponential growth, fueled by the growing demand for decentralized and user-centric online experiences.

web3 Social Apps: A Paradigm Shift

web3 social apps are built on decentralized, open-source protocols, offering a trustless environment where users have full ownership and control over their data and interactions. Unlike centralized platforms that profit from user data and often face privacy concerns and censorship issues, web3 social apps empower users by eliminating intermediaries and giving them the keys to their online identities.

One of the key features of web3 social apps is that it enables users to own their content, including posts, photos, and videos, on the blockchain. Users can also control who accesses their data and under what conditions, ensuring greater privacy and security. Furthermore, decentralized protocols facilitate interoperability, allowing users to seamlessly connect and interact across various web3 social apps using a single digital identity.

Some of the popular web3 social apps include Buttrfly, Lenster, Mastodon, Warpcast etc.

Now, What is Buttrfly?

Founded by Moe, Buttrfly is a web3 social media application developed on the Lens Protocol, an open and permissionless social protocol/graph operating on the Polygon network. It gives users ownership of their social connections and facilitates interoperability between multiple applications and experiences through their Ethereum wallet.

Buttrfly’s objective is to create a user experience that can compete with the likes of Twitter and Instagram, with the added layer of decentralization.

As of now, their MAU stands at ~2500, with a WAU and DAU of ~1000 and ~250. They contribute close to 2% of all the weekly Lens Protocol posts and comments.

A snapshot of some of the features of Buttrfly:

  • Social feed and profiles

  • Messaging

  • Push notifications

  • Media curation and media-based feeds

  • Audio Player

  • Content monetisation

  • Audio spaces and more

What is Huddle01’s SDK?

It is a highly scalable, secure and private WebRTC infrastructure that can be used to supercharge web and mobile applications with high-quality audio/video experiences.

  1. Video SDK - Effortlessly integrate live video chat into your applications with a simple plug-in.

  2. Audio SDK - Enable audio-only experiences like Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces

Our SDK allows you to build on top of our base infrastructure and opens unlimited opportunities for immersive experiences.

We also have a plug-n-play iFrame, a substitute for the SDK that offers similar audio/video functionality but with the limitation of expanding. iFrame is a no-code/low-code solution to get started with immediately. It offers you a predesigned UI that can be customized to your branding.

iFrames can be plugged into in less than 15 minutes!

You can view our technical documentation on our website.

Huddle01 X Buttrfly

Using the Huddle01 SDK, Buttrfly powers their Buttrfly Spaces, live audio rooms similar to Twitter Spaces on both web and mobile.


The launch of Buttrfly Spaces had a large impact on Buttrfly’s presence in the Lens community. Live audio rooms have been one of the most requested features by the Lens community since any time an audio space has to be planned, it had to happen on Twitter, which wasn’t an ideal experience.

The high demand for this feature meant they needed something quick, easy and reliable, this is where Huddle01 came into the picture.

"Huddle01’s infrastructure and SDK allowed me to rapidly iterate on the product and launch it only after a few weeks of development." - MOE, Creator - Buttrfly

What other things can you do with the Huddle01 SDK?

Apart from Audio Rooms, the Huddle01 SDK can be used to power Live Video Meets, 1:1 or group calling. You can even add the token-gating function to your spaces or video meets and have ticketed events, for more exclusivity, security and monetization opportunities.

Build with Huddle01

Upgrade your app with the Huddle01 SDK and empower your users to connect and engage in real-time. Start building: https://huddle01.com/docs

Say 👋 to us on Discord and connect with our devs for help, ideas or suggestions: https://discord.gg/huddle01-890224574761926756